Legal relationship and general warnings

1.1.  Effectiveness. These Terms of Use of the Website have been effective since 23. 9. 2015.
1.2.  The website. For the purposes of this document our website means a set of web pages forming together our website operated at and all sub-pages.
1.3.  The service. By using our website you use an information company service whose provider is Doplňte indentifikaci (hereinafter referred to as "we" or equivalent terms) and on the basis of that a legal relationship (hereinafter "service") arises between you (this term will continue to be used to identify you as the recipient of service) and us.
1.4.  The price for the service. We provide the service free of charge. You pay for the technical equipment, software and connectivity to this service.
1.5.  The subject of the service. This service consists in the delivery of a web content at your request entered via a web browser. The web content means all data you receive from us at your request, in particular texts or images but also source codes of pages (hereinafter "web content").
1.6.  The scope of the service. No minimum scope is guaranteed within the providing of the service. The service may be temporarily or permanently unavailable, wholly or in part. Its user interface, appearance and functionality may change or may be removed, based on our discretion which is not subject to a need for prior notification.
1.7.  Reservation of changes in terms. These Terms of Use of the Website may be changed and updated. Before you start using the web content, it is your responsibility to become familiar with the current version of the Terms of Use of the Website.
1.8.  General restrictions. It is prohibited to use any means to undermine or circumvent security measures related to this service or other services of ours, and other Internet-related services and sites or computer networks.
1.9.  Exclusion of liability. To the extent permitted by the applicable legislation, you agree that we will not be liable for any damage that you may incur in connection with this service, and you also agree with the agreed limitation of compensation for any such damage amounting to 0 EUR.


2.1.  Exclusion of general license. If the web content is wholly or in part a copyrighted work, and if not stated otherwise for individual components of the web content, we do not grant you a license to the web content and without our permission it cannot be used outside the legal limitations and exceptions.
2.2.  Links. If you link to any websites, you agree with the obligation not to provide third parties with such a link that bypasses our security or the means to control the distribution of content, such as references only available to registered users. In any case, we also reserve the option to change the structure and content of the website and/or introduce new or modify existing tools for content control, which may result in a malfunction of your previously acquired content. You agree that in such a case you are not entitled to recover any damages.

Personal data, their processing and temporary files

3.1.  Personal data for purposes of the contract. Personal data entered when ordering our goods or services are subject to the terms of personal data processing referred to in documents that you will be acquainted with before the conclusion of the contract.
3.2.  Personal data entered elsewhere on our website. The following terms shall apply only in respect of your personal information that you provide on our website outside the scope of the previous clause. Regarding such personal data, except those that are processed on the basis of law, it applies that you agree with their processing to the extent that follows from the purpose of their processing.
3.3.  In particular, this will concern the personal data processed
3.3.1.  in the context of storing and retrieving temporary files to and from your device memory if such temporary files are also personal data; temporary files which themselves are not personal data are governed by provisions hereinafter,
3.3.2.  in order to carry out marketing events, including the dissemination of commercial messages.
3.4.  Such personal data may be, for example,
3.4.1.  name and surname,
3.4.2.  e-mail address,
3.4.3.  telephone number.
In matters not listed here we will inform you about the necessity of granting a special consent to the processing of your personal data.
3.5.  Disagreement with personal data processing. You can express, at any time, your disagreement with the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending commercial messages, just as you can, at any time, withdraw your prior consent to the processing of your personal data for another purpose, preferably:
3.5.1.  by an e-mail to out e-mail address,
3.5.2.  by phoning our telephone number.
3.6.  Rights of the person subjected to data processing. Regarding your personal data, you also have the right:
3.6.1.  to request correcting inaccurate or outdated personal data,
3.6.2.  to request information about the processing of your personal data but we may ask you for reimbursement of necessary expenses of providing that information,
3.6.3.  to seek an explanation or a redress if you think that we process your personal data in a manner that is inconsistent with the protection of your private life or in conflict with the law.
3.7.  Files stored in your device for later access (temporary files). Our website may use cookies (and possibly other technologies on a similar principle, such as Adobe Flash). This means that in a dedicated space in your device memory we store small data files that allow us to provide you with the service and to improve it further. This and the following clauses concern those of temporary files that themselves are not personal data at the same time (regarding those that are such, you give your consent to their processing above).
3.8.  Temporary files that are technologically necessary to provide the service. Some temporary files are technologically necessary to provide the service. This means that it is not possible to avoid their storage without maintaining the functionality of the service. These include especially
3.8.1.  files representing the contents of your virtual shopping cart.
3.9.  Temporary files saved in order to provide value-added services. Sometimes, we store some temporary files in order to provide you with a better quality service and a service more customized to your preferences. Within this framework, we can store in your device
3.9.1.  files carrying information about your movements on the website, including files further processed by third parties in an anonymized form to ensure an analysis of the website traffic,
3.9.2.  files carrying information for advertising purposes so that we can display ads for products and services that might interest you without being bothered,
3.9.3.  files carrying information about your geographic location.
Regarding these files, you give your consent to their storage in your device.
3.10.  Disagreement with storing temporary files and their blocking. Your browser may not support saving of temporary files at all, otherwise it usually enables their management and blocking. If you make use of this option, you acknowledge that some parts of the service may not work correctly - for example logging-in, and consequently, the entire user account or the language setting storing.

Responsibility for content

4.1.  Checking your content. Your activities within the service are never subject to a survey, approval or moderation from our part and we do not verify their compliance with the law. However, we reserve the right to carry out different types of content check, either prior to or after the publication, and on the basis of that to filter the content or block it entirely (for example, delaying spam or defamatory comments or disabling a recognized illegal content).
4.2.  Files saving. As part of this service we allow you to upload and save files in a storage operated by us (hereinafter "uploaded content"). You acknowledge that within this service we do not guarantee that the uploaded content will remain unchanged or available. In particular, you acknowledge that we are not liable for any damage that you may incur in connection with the loss or damage of the uploaded content.
4.3.  Rights of third parties and legal obligations in connection with saving files. By uploading a content through this service of ours, you confirm that you have a sufficient legal capacity to act in such a way, in particular (a) that the uploaded content is not subject to legal protection, or (b) that you are the author and executor of property rights to the uploaded content to an adequate extent. At the same time you acknowledge that if we learn that a certain content was improperly transmitted or uploaded through this service of ours, we have the right to delete or block it without notice and we are obliged to co-operate with the authorities investigating possible illegal activities, which may include a disclosure of the saved traffic and location data concerning you.
4.4.  Other kinds of content saving and processing. Within this service, we also allow
4.4.1.  the option to add public comments.
Regarding the above mentioned, the arrangements of "control of your content," "saving files" and "third party rights and legal obligations in connection with storing files" will be applied similarly, "uploaded content" being considered an appropriate option from the previous list. An illegal content may occur, for example, in the case of sharing copyrighted texts, defamatory statements about other persons or unauthorized offering of goods or services protected by trademark law.